The Field Guide to Community Service

“If every American donated five hours a week, it would equal the labor of 20 million full-time volunteers.”
Whoopi Goldberg

The Online Edition

The award-winning Field Guide to Community Service is designed to be a “starter kit” for individuals who want to get more involved in the community but are not quite sure how to begin.

The first Field Guide was published in 2008 as a hard-copy resource (with a pdf version added later). But now we are only publishing this valuable resource online.

And our first-ever online edition of the Field Guide to Community Service has been edited by the next generation of community leaders. We recruited students — from high school and college — to serve as editors of different chapters.

The Guide is intended to be a useful, up-to-date resource with relevant information that is easily accessed.​

What People are Saying

"LOVE it!"

"I just received a copy of the Field Guide and I'm absolutely loving it! It comes at the perfect time when we are all looking for ways to get more involved in the community."

"My NCL chapter is auditing its philanthropies this year. This book will make a phenomenal resource!!"

"The Field Guide is an excellent manual and just what I need since my empty nester days! Everyone should have one."

“We were blown away by the beauty and usefulness of the amazing Field Guide 2.0!”

"What a great resource!!!"

"Thank you so much for the Field Guide! In response to this election, I've made a pledge to my family to get us all more involved in our community to make a difference. This guide comes at the perfect time."

"Very professional and user-friendly."

"I’m reading it like a novel and am feeling very inspired."

"I looked through the new FG 2.0 and I love it! I think your choices of featured nonprofits is inspired!"

"I really enjoyed the Field Guide and learned there is glass blowing in San Jose, which I was completely unaware of. The Field Guide is sitting on my coffee table right now as I write. I anticipate it will be there for quite some time."



If you live in Silicon Valley and want to give back, please check out Silicon Valley Strong.
They can help you:

  • Volunteer

  • Donate money

  • Support distance learning through the Digital Inclusion Fund

  • Donate medical supplies or services

  • Connect over the phone with isolated residents

  • Give blood

  • Write a job recommendation for someone

  • Sign up your restaurant to help